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ATTENTION PROVIDERS: Beginning 7/1/2023, all PA requests will be processed by Kepro. Please send all PA-related documents, including clinical information, to Kepro effective 7/1/2023. This includes any communication about existing PAs that were submitted prior to 7/1/2023. Effective 7/1/2023, please also direct all PA-UM administrative review requests to Kepro.
Effective 7/1/2023, Kepro will also be the Right Choices Program (RCP) administrator for IHCP fee-for-service members, effective 07/01/2023. The RCP referral process will not change, and will continue to be submitted through the IHCP Provider Portal. However, RCP questions can be directed to the Kepro phone number listed below.
Effective 7/1/2023, Kepro’s contact information is as follows: fax: 1-800-261-2774; mail: 6802 Paragon Place, Suite 440, Richmond, VA 23230; Kepro’s toll-free telephone number: (866) 725-9991; or through the Atrezzo Provider portal:

What can you do in the Provider Healthcare Portal?

Through the Indiana Health Coverage Programs (IHCP) secure and easy-to-use internet portal, healthcare providers can:

  • Submit claims
  • Check on the status of their claims
  • Inquire on a patient's eligibility
  • View their Remittance Advices
  • Request prior authorization

Managed Care Entities can:
  • Enroll, disenroll, and update primary medical providers
  • Review their encounter claims
  • Inquire on a managed care member's eligibility

In addition, the Portal provides access to a wide variety of IHCP information and resources.


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